How Apple’s tax-avoidance scheme worked: How it was designed to help Apple’s tech company dodge billions in taxes

By Jonathan Landay/ReutersA new analysis by the Tax Policy Center reveals how Apple’s software and services tax avoidance scheme worked.Apple’s software is designed to minimize its tax bill.It provides a way to shift profits from one country to another.And it enables companies to avoid paying taxes in certain countries.But Apple is not the only company

Software for Bible Software

Now that the software to translate the Bible is available online, I’m thinking about making a bible software.The Bible Software Bible software is free software and available for download. It’s an open source software project developed by a group called Bible Software, Inc. (BSA).The software is licensed under the GPLv3. BSA’s website offers several examples of Bible software

Why do you pay $7 for a DVD burning software?

In the wake of the wildfires that ravaged much of the nation last week, consumers have been forced to pay more for burn-resistant DVDs and digital video recorders, which are considered more durable.This week, we took a closer look at what to look out for when purchasing burn-resistance software.What to look for before you purchase

Corsair Keyboard Review: The Best Gaming Keyboard Ever

Corsair’s newest keyboard offers plenty of flexibility for gaming and multimedia apps.With a number of different modes, there are plenty of ways to play.And the keyboard even comes with an awesome new sound effect!Corsair Keyboard Features:The keyboard is a dual-mode mechanical keyboard, with a 10-key rollover system, plus a scroll wheel.It has a matte aluminum

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