Oracle CEO John Donahoe to leave company for Google, Twitter

Oracle Chief Executive Officer John Donohoe will leave Oracle and become CEO of Google, according to a source familiar with the decision.

The source told Axios that the announcement will come Thursday and that the decision was made Thursday evening.

The source said Donohoke will take a “sneak peek” at Google’s Android mobile operating system and a Google engineer will be hired to be Oracle’s VP of Engineering and lead software engineer.

Donohoke previously led Google’s search and advertising division.

In a statement to Axios, Oracle said: “We’ve always said that the best thing for Oracle to do at Google is for the company to be driven by people like John Donoye.

Our long-term strategic direction for Oracle and Google is to drive innovation, not just product.”

Oracle said Donoyce’s departure will come as a result of a change in Oracle’s business model.

The company said Donahoes move “will enable Oracle to focus on the core business of delivering software, cloud computing, and data centers to the cloud, rather than the business of providing products.”

Donohoe was Oracle’s most prominent executive in the company’s history.

He joined the company in 2003, becoming its first CEO in 2004.

He has led Oracle since 2007.

He joined Google in 2013 as vice president of engineering and chief technology officer.

The two companies worked together to bring Android to the company.

In his role as CEO, Donohume led the company through several business transitions including a $1 billion round of financing, the $1.1 billion acquisition of Oracle Corp. and a $100 million donation from eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

Oracle said Thursday it expects to announce Donoho’s departure on Wednesday.

Donohote will take on a new role in Google.

The Google executive will have responsibility for the business development efforts of Google’s new Android mobile software team.

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