How to make a $300 printer and save the world

By using a combination of cheap inkjet printers, a few cheap software development tools, and a little ingenuity, a printer and inkjet developer can make a few thousand dollars a year.If you’ve never tried it before, here’s a quick tutorial on how to get started with printing.For more advanced projects, I’ve included some more in-depth

‘Ultimate Software’ careers guide for students and teachers

RTE 4.20.2018 5:16:29 This week in RTE, we’ve got a guide to getting started with software careers.We’ll take you through the latest job opportunities in the software industry, with the help of the experts in the industry.The first section focuses on software careers in Ireland, with jobs in the areas of data analysis, web development,

How to protect yourself from malware in the kitchen

The internet is full of software that allows you to track your every move.This includes many software that can be downloaded, but also the software you download for free.But is it safe to download software without paying for it?This article explains the risks, how to avoid downloading free software and what you can do to

How to design a home with Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Office

In this article, we’ll show you how to design and build a simple home with Illustrator, Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.We’ll use the free Adobe Illustrators and Adobe Premiere Pro templates to create the look of a simple, modern home.We use Adobe Illustrations’ powerful layer masking feature to bring out details in your images and

Screen Recording Software

FourFourThree, the world’s leading developer of screen recording software, today announced a new release of its popular screen recording tool, Screen Recording Utility, that includes improvements and bug fixes.FourFour Two has been the leading software developer for screen recording and audio technology for over two decades.FourFive’s newest release, Screen Recorder Utility 3, is available now

How to use video capture and audio capture software

Adobe Systems, Inc. and the Football Italian Football League (IFA) are pleased to announce the release of Cisco Video Capture and Audio Capture Software, which can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux.The software is available for download at the following links:The software is a free download, available for Windows and Mac and is currently

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