Quicken Software updates to fix Windows Update bug

Microsoft is rolling out software updates to address a bug that caused Windows Update to crash on multiple occasions.

The software company says it is “working on further improvements” to address the issue, and it is working to resolve a bug in Windows Update.

The bug, which was first discovered on March 4, was fixed in the second batch of updates that went out to customers this week.

Windows Update is the place where Windows users update their software and patches are applied to their machines.

It has a variety of ways it can be used, but the most commonly used is by downloading and installing updates from Microsoft’s web site.

Microsoft says it will continue to update Windows updates.

The latest updates, which are now rolling out, address an issue that caused a crash when Windows Update was attempting to install updates from the web site, a Microsoft spokesperson said.

The crash happened on March 5 when the company rolled out updates for the following days.

“This was caused by a Windows Update failure,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

“This failure occurred due to an incorrect use of the update mechanism, resulting in a crash.

This failure is being fixed now, and we will update Windows Update on a rolling basis to address this issue.

In addition, we are working on further improvement to the Windows Update download process to prevent the same problem in the future.

We will share further details on these improvements as they become available.”

Microsoft says it has been testing the updates for “a couple of days”, and that “there has been no serious impact on Windows Update”.

“We have taken the actions necessary to mitigate this issue,” Microsoft added.

“We have updated the Windows update mechanism to prevent this from happening again.”

Microsoft has been working to address bugs that affected Windows Update for years.

Earlier this year, it rolled out patches to prevent crashes and other issues caused by Windows Update being unable to download updates.

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