The Football Italian Podcast #10 – The D’Alessandro and the Boca Derby

The Football italian podcast #10 is a brand new show.

For the first time in the podcast series, the hosts and guests discuss the D’Amato story, and also the stories of both players.

The hosts also discuss the new book that has been released in Italy by the publishers of the podcast, The Dallara di Dallarano.

The book is titled La Di Boca: Boca, The Forgotten Football Club.

The podcast episode is available for free download on our website, and you can also listen to it on the Football Itali podcast player, which also features the following features: a podcast player which plays a stream of the Podcast in full resolution, including the audio from the Dallaro’s documentary on Boca in Italy, the interviews with the authors, and the episode titles, subtitles, and metadata.

You can also access the podcast via the radio app (free download), the podcast player itself, or via our website:

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In this podcast, I interviewed Boca Raton’s legendary striker and captain, the late Alessandro Dallaran. 

Dallaran was a legendary player and captain of the Argentine club. 

I was the first to interview Dallaram in the summer of 2010, and he told me a great story of his time in Boca and how he ended up being a legend.

The story also reveals how his club were a popular choice for many Argentines, who were fleeing poverty in the south of the country. 

The show is sponsored by Audible, and sponsored by Boca Real. 

Boca Real are one of the biggest clubs in Argentina, and are known for being one of their most successful teams. 

Their academy, the Deltas Youth Academy, is a major success story in the country, with over 1,000 academy students from all over Argentina, including Dallamans family. 

“I am glad that my time in Argentina has helped my career and life.

I’m grateful to have played a part in my country’s success and have gained a lot of respect from my countrymen,” Dallamara said in a statement. 

This show is a continuation of my previous podcast, with the help of Boca. 

If you enjoyed this podcast episode, please consider sharing it with others. 

Thanks for listening, Bobby! 

Listen to the Podcast Here:  Football Italian Podcast #9 – Boca’s first ever goal from an offside position. 

By Joe Cocker-Mellor

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