What’s the difference between streaming and cable? — CNNMoney

By CNNMoney Staff WriterNew Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, on Tuesday announced plans to launch a national “Netflix” service by 2020, saying it would offer “all the same features” as its domestic rival, Netflix NZX, in a bid to capture a wider audience.

The move comes as the country prepares to celebrate its 60th birthday and will be seen as a boost for Netflix NZ, which has been gaining market share from domestic rivals.

Its New Zealand streaming service will offer “the same features as our domestic competitors”, Arderrn said in a statement on Tuesday, while offering a “different experience”.

“We know there are those who will not appreciate the new services that Netflix offers, but they can’t be the only ones.

All Kiwis should be able to access Netflix NZ by 2020.”

In the US, Hulu is a streaming service, and has been around for over 10 years.

Netflix has launched a “Netflix for TV” service in the US in the past, but only for US subscribers.

In Australia, the iiNet service has been in the works for several years, with a service called Netflix for Australians set to launch in 2020.

iiNet CEO, Michael Malone, said that the new Netflix service would not be a competitor to the major US streaming services, but rather to other companies.

“The future of iiNet is one of the greatest global opportunities for our company,” Malone said in the statement.

“It will be a platform for Australia and New Zealand to collaborate and to deliver more entertainment and entertainment content for the whole world to enjoy.”

A spokesperson for the Netflix NZ board said in an email that the company would “not be commenting further on the launch”.

In Australia Prime Minister Jacinda Timaru said in November that she hoped to introduce a national Netflix service by the end of the year, adding that her government would set up an Australian version.

“As a country we should all be in the same boat and we are going to be in that boat in 2020,” she said.

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