When will Google Glass become the norm?

Software giant Google has been preparing to release Glass for sometime, but the company is now saying that the devices won’t be everywhere by 2019.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Google’s head of design, Andy Rubin, said that Glass won’t become the default phone until 2019.

The Glass wearable computer will be used by users to communicate with the company’s virtual assistant and other services.

Rubin also said that Google will continue to develop Glass apps and services, which means that Glass will be supported for a while longer than some previous smartphones.

But Rubin didn’t say when the wearable will arrive in the home.

Glass isn’t Google’s first attempt at wearable computing, and its biggest challenge has been the size of its user base.

Glass is currently only available to developers and consumers, though it is set to launch in the first quarter of 2019.

Google is also working on other hardware devices that can interact with the Google Glass app, like a Google Cardboard headset.

Rubin is also making another pitch for Glass to users, suggesting that Glass could be useful in helping people with mental illness.

Rubin said that he was hoping that Glass would become the new norm for people to have access to technology that could be helpful.

“What if you were a person who has some sort of mental illness and you needed help?

And that you’re using your phone a lot, or you’re looking for directions, and you’re getting a lot of emails, you might need to talk to a doctor and you don’t have an appointment?” he said.

Rubin acknowledged that Glass is not the first wearable to go through the early stages of product development, and it might take some time before Glass is everywhere.

Glass could become a lot more popular as developers start to work on apps and features that help users communicate more, he said, and he’s hopeful that Glass can become more accessible to the general public.

But Glass will not be the norm in your home or office anytime soon, according to Rubin.

Rubin added that the wearable computing hardware would need to be more widely supported, but that Google would not put a timeline on when Glass would be the default smartphone.

Google has also released a new version of Glass, dubbed the Project Glass, and the company has been pushing it to users to install it in their homes.

Rubin has said that the new version will be released “in early 2019.”

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