Why your new ginger security app is getting caught up in the virus wars

The new ginger software you just downloaded is catching up with the virus-protection software you’ve been using, according to a report published Thursday by The Verge.

The Verge found that the ginger antivirus app that Apple acquired in December is getting into a vicious cycle.

The new version of the app that is now available on the App Store, for example, has been flagged for multiple issues by Apple and has been downloaded more than half a million times.

Apple has now patched the app in the meantime, and the Verge says it’s unclear whether this is because Apple is trying to avoid any further problems from the update.

But the software that Apple bought in December also contains a vulnerability that could allow attackers to bypass security features and steal information.

Apple is already testing a patch for this vulnerability, but Apple has not disclosed the date when it will be ready to release the new version.

The Verge says Apple has a good track record of working quickly with developers to fix flaws.

Apple said in a statement to the Verge that the app was updated on Thursday to fix the vulnerability.

The update was available through the Apple Developer Program for developers who had already submitted their apps to Apple.

It will be available in the Apple App Store in a few weeks.

The report follows a report from TechCrunch on Thursday that Apple has blocked some of the most popular antivirus apps from accessing iCloud and iCloud Drive.

The tech news website reported that Apple had blocked a popular antiviral app called Bamboo, which was used by more than 3 million users.

Apple also blocked a number of antivirus software companies including Trend Micro, Kaspersky Lab, AVG, and AVG Antivirus, according the report.

Apple’s new antivirus protection apps have been plagued by malware and security problems, including a recent issue in which a malicious app was able to infect devices.

Apple said in December that the company had disabled the ability for malicious apps to run on the Apple operating system.

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